Why we built ScrollStack

Samir Patil, Ritesh Mehta

ScrollStack is an open platform for creators worldwide. We have built it to put the creators first, and to give them tools to monetize in a way that works best for them. The current monetization options for creators are 1) hack together multiple platforms (SquareSpace, Patreon), 2) commit to a high effort strategy (paid newsletters on Substack, "influencer sponsorships") or 3) depend on algorithmic earnings (Medium). All of this isn't even possible for a lot of non US, non English creators. It shouldn't be this hard.

In 2020, two factors have come together to make ScrollStack necessary and possible. First, today we have millions of creators with large followership on social media without access to means of making money from their works. Second, for the first time, ubiquitous mobile payments make direct creator payments possible. These will only become easier as the world’s biggest tech companies continue to invest in payments technology .

With ScrollStack, creators can now finally earn directly from their followers/fans/supporters. Our focus at ScrollStack is on developing a platform that works anywhere in the world. We share the majority of the revenues with the creators and have outlined our promise to creators earlier. What you see below is what we have built, and how it all comes together. 


The centrepiece of our platform is our global micropayment system that enables creators to charge users anywhere in the world. Payments can be for a single piece or a subscription (coming soon). For the first time, it is possible for a storyteller/writer in India to reach fans in London or a US publisher to tap into the vast audience in India.

You can choose for every post from 3 options - free to read, only for followers, or paid

For every post, you can choose from 3 options - free to read, only for followers, or a paid post.


In today’s world, you shouldn’t need a computer to create or an email address to sign up. On ScrollStack, you can create powerful posts with your broadcast quality audio, video, or images captured with phones. Everything that you can do using a computer on ScrollStack is possible using your phone as well. As you saw above, our payment flows are also optimized for people consuming content on their phones.


Support for all major languages

ScrollStack is designed from the ground-up to support all major languages. We believe all major languages should have the tools that so far have been limited to English. In India alone, the number of non-English users is expected to be more than half a billion, twice the number of English users. Writing in any language you are comfortable with, using your phone is also a breeze on ScrollStack.


A profile that is designed for creators - more useful than a social media bio and less boring than a resume or a CV. With your ScrollStack profile, you can tell your followers about your ideas and obsessions.

What’s next


Mobile-first also means that your followers might prefer to be reached only through phone texts or messages and not through emails. Unlike newsletter distribution, ScrollStack will enable creators to push posts on all platforms. They can reach all their followers instead of only those that some blackbox algorithm picks.


We have a unique starting point for discovery of ScrollStack posts on Scroll.in, Satyagrah (publications that run on the ScrollStack) with a discerning audience of 10 MM unique users globally. We also have a dedicated team to drive SEO and social marketing of posts everyday. Up next is a discovery engine with a combination of editorial curation and topical themes to help readers/viewers discover thinkers and creators worth following.

You can email us to get early access. We would also love to hear your ideas on what you want from ScrollStack.

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